Elf Society | Help the Elves Help the Homeless!
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Help the Elves Help the Homeless!

Putting yourself back on the nice list this year has never been easier

Donate Now

The mission of the elf society is to feed and give care packages to low income and homeless families during the Christmas Season

Follow your city on Facebook by clicking the link to find out whats going on around you!


Houston Elf Society | Galveston Elf Society | Dallas Elf Society


people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the United States

Of that number,


are people in families


are individuals



percent of the homeless population - 109,132 - are considered ``chronically homeless``


percent of homeless adults- 57,849 - are veterans

Volunteer! Help out your fellow man and in turn learn a few things about yourself.

The Elf Society has lots of volunteer opportunities, from handing out food and making folks smile, to fundraising and event opportunities.

We’ll even give you a rockin’ Elf hat to wear!

Contact Santa

Sponsor your friend in need!

Can’t find the time because you work too hard?  A few bucks goes a long way in the Elf Society.

We take great pride in giving back 95% directly to the cause!

Rest assured your donations go to the right place and literally every dollar matters!


Select where you want your money to go!

Houston, TX

Dallas, TX

Galveston, TX



Dollars Raised


Dollars in expenses inquired


Dollars in donations used for direct cause


Homeless people helped


If you feel that you can do more than give time and money, and want to be part of the Elf Revolution, You can step up to the plate and become santas right hand man. There are many opportunities to form a branch in your city and begin changing peoples lives!

Thanks to Kali Pet Kare this year we will be taking care of all the homeless doggies and kittys as well! They were not raindeer certified but claim to be working on it. If you want to donate directly to help Kali Pet Kare in there mission click the link. All donations to this sector will go directly to our 4 legged friends!


Happiness for some is only a few dollars away.